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Security Notice #22 Posted On 2019-03-20 08:16:32 UTC

Be careful of telegram scammers trying to gather your information using our name(s).

Watch out for telegram users trying to get information about your account using fake names appearing to be altilly.

- Altilly will never ask you for any information about your account over telegram.
- Altilly will never ask you to send any cryptocurrency anywhere other than to deposit to your own account. We will never give you an address to deposit to, you must use the addresses given on the deposit page only.
- Report any suspicious users asking for information in the main altilly channel as a warning to other users.

Some telegram scammers have been attempting to contact other users of the group with names such as "[email protected]" or even names of some of the admins. Never give any information to somebody who contacts you directly over telegram. If you have a problem ALWAYS use the support ticket system.
This notice will update with any new information as it is received and entered.