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Security Notice #14 Posted On 2019-01-26 12:36:14 UTC

Be on the lookout for failed login attempts

Warning - We are seeing increased activity of failed login attempts on

An individual or group is attempting to login to user accounts and are failing. We suspect that this group is in possession of an email or username list and possibly passwords from another website.

Because of this increased activity we have activated an IP whitelisting system. When you login from a new ip address, you will now need to authorize the IP via your email.

This group may be effecting more than one exchange, so make sure to monitor and keep all your logins safe.

Security Tips:

- Use 2FA if it's available
- Use different passwords for each exchange you use

We will soon be implementing a system which will allow you to restrict which IP regions of the world you can login from. After we implement this you can prevent any attempts from certain areas from accessing your account, as they will receive the generic 'Invalid Credentials' error - even if they have the password correct.
This notice will update with any new information as it is received and entered.