Our Roadmap

    How did we come to be?

  • Michael buys some bitcoin

    Hearing that there is a new form of internet money called Bitcoin and it had reached a value of $100 each. Michael decides to buy some.

  • Michael becomes intrigued

    Bitcoin goes up and down. Michael decides to invest into bitcoin as part of his retirement portfolio. The statements he gets from the bank are boring. Bitcoin seems like it could hold value. Michael thinks Bitcoin is cool. Michael is a nerd. He even tried mining some.

  • Michael keeps going

    Michael starts trading a little bit on some of the online Bitcoin and alt-coin markets. He's not really that interested in the day-trading aspect of it. He continues to buy bitcoin along as part of of his retirement portfolio, but just watches the prices occasionally. He buys some alt-coins that he thinks have good community support.

  • Bitcoin price starts to go up

    Michael is surprised of the sudden increase in Bitcoin value lately. His portfolio is looking very well. His day job is looking tiresome. Mike decides to take a break from working and take some vacations.

  • What to do with all this free time?

    Michael has always been a hobby programmer over the years. These new web frameworks are pretty cool. Hey, Bitcoin is going up again? Let's take another vacation!

  • Michael gets an idea

    Michael always seems to hear stories of exchanges getting hacked. These names he has never heard of, but the losses seem substantial. These exchange never tell anybody whats going on, do they?

    Michael thinks we need more transparent exchanges, ones that aren't afraid to show you what they are holding. If they have a problem they should tell you. Can he make something like that? He has quite a bit of free time right now and he's not old yet. ;)

  • Michael sells some Bitcoin and starts coding

    Michael decides for the first time to sell some Bitcoin. The price is way more than he bought it for.

    Sitting down and programming for a couple weeks, Michael comes up with a working trade system. Many bugs included... and it's ugly.

  • Michael becomes obsessed

    This new project he is working sure does make the day go by easier. What the heck was he thinking about retiring early anyways? Let see what he can make.. Even if it is never used, it was something he thought was fun to do.

  • Michael looks for testers

    His new website is looking pretty good, he's tested it himself and the backend systems are pretty strong. Everything was built from the ground up as an enterprise grade system, because hey - if you are going to do it you may as well go all out....

    He makes a post on Bitcointalk looking for some people to help him test his website. A couple people respond and they all start testing out the website.

  • altilly launches public beta

    Michael decides that the only thing left to do now is to let the public decide if the site is good or not, so he opens it up for public beta and starts adding some trading assets.

  • altilly removes the beta tag

    Bugs have been fixed. Features and new assets have been added. The website is improving daily. altilly now has 1,500 users. altilly starts promoting it's referral program to users.

  • altilly continues to grow

    New trading assets are being added weekly. The referral system is given an upgrade and now pays 15% of collected fees from referred users. User counts are growing by double digits daily. altilly launches it's Bug Bounty program as well as the Trade Competition system. Random airdrops of new assets begin as well.

  • Growth increases

    User counts are growing by triple digits daily. The altilly user base increases to over 10,000 users. New assets are being added almost daily.

    What's happening now?

  • We are up to 16,000 users. On average getting 200 new users each day

    We are adding new assets every week. Not just Bitcoin clones and Ethereum contracts, but other awesome projects as well.

    We are closely monitoring the system for issues and can rapidly deploy fixes to any issues found.

    We are investigating which jurisdiction we would like to incorporate in. Our preference is Hong Kong.

    We are brainstorming on an exchange based asset, named "Altillycoin" and we are working to create an ecosystem for that asset.

    We are bringing on new volunteer team members. Positions that are voluntary now, but likely paid later on.

    We are developing cool chat bot software inside our Telegram room. Go check it out!

    Where are we going?

  • Continued growth

    altilly plans to continue growing it's user base by triple and even quadruple digits each day, reaching 25,000 - 50,000 users by the end of 2018.

    altilly will continue to add new trading assets onto the platform and expects to have at least 200 different trading assets by the end of 2018.

    altilly expects trade volume on the exchange to exceed $100k in daily volume by the end of November and over $200k in daily volume by the end of 2018.

    altilly continues to seek listings in major data aggregators, such as CoinMarketCap.com. altilly's target for a CMC listing is by the end of 2018.

  • Company formation

    altilly plans to either formally incorporate in a Bitcoin friendly country, or merge with an existing company. There are several to choose from. altilly does not plan on accepting or trading any fiat currency in order to keep things simple. This will also simplify the company formation process.


    altilly plans on launching KYC as needed by any regulation authority in the country it is formed in. KYC will not likely be needed for users who only trade small amounts.

    Any KYC program will be announced long before it is implemented to give users enough preceding notice. We will ensure whatever KYC program we use will be easy and quick.


    altilly plans not to just build an exchange, but also a community. A community of developers and users all working together for the improvement of their own asset communities.

    altilly will continue to create open channels with asset developers to communicate any updates, problems, or ideas.

    altilly will continue to build a central team of solid individuals, each uniquely assigned to what they do best.

    altilly will seek and find market makers to bring real liquidity to the exchange.

  • Mass Adoption

    User growth continues. Not because of an expensive marketing campaign, but instead by providing real quality service. Word of mouth advertising continues and the userbase is expected to be well over 100k, perhaps nearing 250k.

    New assets are continuing to be added. Exciting new cryptocurrency projects are born and altilly welcomes them with open arms.

  • altilly becomes a major exchange

    User growth continues. Volume grows and exceeds 10M in daily volume easily - without padding the numbers. Hundreds of different assets are being traded daily.