Mining Payout Types

We have 2 different payout types available on our pools. For the most part, we will use PPLNB, but may sometimes use PPS.


Pay Per Last N Blocks. This is a method we came up with that is both fair and easy to calculate. It gives a little more to long term miners while taking away from miners who sporatically mine.

This method looks at all of a miners shares accepted over the last N total blocks found. For example, if N is 100, then for the current rounds block reward calcuation we would sum up all shares submitted over the last 100 blocks and divide by the sum of an individual miners shares over the same number of blocks. This results in more consistent payouts for miners after 100 blocks.


Pay Per Share. This was the original method used when mining first began and calculates rewards solely based on the shares submitted for the current round only. Short term miners will prefer this method as it requires no "ramp up" period.