Listing Policy

Altilly is focusing to provide our community the most exciting projects with a real product or/and a strong team.

Below you will find more information about the listing procedure.
Before applying for a new listing, make sure you meet all of the requirements.
Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Listing policy with basic requirements:

- Listing your project on CryptoCanary is required before applying for listing on our exchange.
- Team members with Linkedin profiles will meet a higher chance for approved listing
- Solid product with real use-case
- Recent github activity is required
- Website
- At least 1 social group (for example, Telegram, Discord or similar)
- BitcoinTalk Announcement
- The project is no longer in ICO phase
- Tokenomics: a proof that during the pre-ICO and ICO phases at least 80% of total circulating supply was sold/distributed to investors that didn't include project team or project advisors.

Teams can reapply whenever they feel like they have met the requirements for listing. But Altilly makes no commitment regarding the timing of any subsequent reevaluation.

Delisting policy:

- The future of the project is clearly questionable
- The project team members are dismissed
- No significant overall volume on the Altilly exchange or other exchanges - The team or project is fraudulent
- Legal issues that can impact project's ongoing business operations
- Issues that can impact traders on the Altilly exchange
- Significant amount of forks by the projects team
- Critical code updates or forks without notifying the Altilly exchange well in advance

* Please note: You can not apply for a refund after delisting.

Altilly reserves the right to, at any time, alter any below guidance logistics including the right to delist without any explanation provided.

Listing requirements:

- Asset Name
- Trade Ticker
- Logo Icon: 32x32
- Asset Type (coin or token)
- Proof Type and Algorithm
- Had ICO (Yes/No)
- Mainnet Launch Date
- Social Contacts- Website
- Explorer - Source Code (if applicable)
- Announcement URL

Other Costs (after listing):

- Add trading pair: 150000 XQR
- Change code more than once per month: 50000 XQR
- Coin or token swap: 150000 XQR
- Airdrop to all users: 150000 XQR
- Airdrop by ICOAnnouncements and Social boost: 750000 XQR

* Please note: none of the admins or team members are going to ask you for money through other channels. Payment will be made through your account on the Altilly exchange.