Trading Fees

All trading fees are collected in the markets' secondary coin (BTC/LTC/ETH/USDT). The buy order fee is added to the order value, whereas the sell order fee is taken away from the order value.

Market Taker Fee: 0.12%
Market Maker Fee: 0.00%

What is a Market Maker versus a Market Taker?

A market maker is somebody who places an order onto the order books which does not already have a matching order for an immediate trade. This creates an order in the order book for somebody else to 'take' at a later time. If another user matches with your order at a later time, a trade will be automatically created in the system and the fee for the makers' side of the trade will be ZERO.

A market taker is somebody who places an order onto the order books that can be immediately matched for a trade. This user is essentially removing (or 'taking') the matching order from the order books to create a trade. Taker orders will incur a 0.12% fee on their trades.

Only Limit orders will ever qualify as a maker order, as Market orders automatically take from the order books.

We do not charge any fees for placing or cancelling orders. Fees only occur if a trade is completed.

What if only part of your order takes away from the books and remaining part is placed into the books?

If you place an order which would only be partially filled immediately, then you will pay the standard fee on the trades which immediately took place. Then the remainder of your order is placed into the order books and the remainder of any fees we were holding (for buy orders) are refunded to you. Any further trades on your order will result in no fees, as the remainder of your order has become maker once it is displayed on the orderbooks.

Withdraw Fee

Withdraw fees are deducted from the requested withdrawal amount, so the amount you will receive will be your requested withdrawal amount minus the withdrawal fee. It is our policy to keep withdrawal fees to a minimum based on what the network is currently charging to send a transaction. We will enable fee saving techniques, such as segregated witness, when possible. We also attempt to batch as many withdrawals into a single transaction as possible. Our batching process runs on 10 minute intervals, so please be advised that a withdrawal may take up to 10 minutes to be broadcast on the network after the withdrawal confirmation process is completed. We review our withdrawal fee schedule on a regular basis and adjust when necessary.

Withdraw Fee