Faucet List

  • Faucets are not guaranteed to be online all the time, we provide the service as-is. All transactions are on-chain.
  • You will need to make at least 1 trade in any market in the last 48 hours to participate in the faucet.
  • The more support altilly receives in the form of trade activity, the more support altilly can give in the form of faucets.
  • The drip period and drip amount will change from time to time, depending on the value of the coin.
Name Code Drip Amount Drip Period Donation Address Faucet Balance
Fedoracoin TIPS 500 Every 90 Minutes Eb15e1pmHnhEgoTSTg4fEy2nFBGkJ6Vm6A 500.265
Mooncoin MOON 500 Every 90 Minutes 2RcdiaYkPDEjpdc84YLC8epPDfsQqvJhdf 0.0141936
Reddcoin RDD 10 Every 90 Minutes RjfVckqydHg7ogxxyccLWaxouwq62uTF8U 0.011
Mintcoin MINT 100 Every 90 Minutes MnTX4kfnCx2MWFXgQ4UdVLqxgy4rg3sqBe 1.5199
RPICoin RPI 100 Every 120 Minutes RNEaeWjawVFRKYay2kTxQSXCkdw9cXBiVy 627000.1977
WeAreSatoshi WSX 0.5 Every 120 Minutes wTThHNy8qBHZmbkc8gewZLSnoHB2GtMdg8 0.00037335