Crypto Asset Listing Request

You are welcome to request listing of your crypto asset to the altilly exchange system


- Only a member of the Asset Team should fill out this form
- Submissions that have a CoinMarketCap or CoinGeiko listing will take significantly less time to review
- It can take up to 2 weeks to review your submission, but usually only 3-5 days. We don't review every day.
- There is a 0.2 ETH fee for setting up ERC20 Token assets. This allows us to keep token withdraw fees low.
   The fee is paid directly to our withdrawal wallet to fund the gas for outgoing transactions.
   This address will be provided after approval. Do not make the request if you cannot pay this fee.
- For verification, all submissions must validate a contact cellular phone number. This number is kept private.

Basic Information:

Note: We do not display your contact information to our users
Asset Type (Req)
Coin/Token Name (Req)
Coin Ticker Code (Req)
Asset Team Contact Name (Req)
Contact Email Address (Req)
Contact Cell Phone Number (Req)  
Enter SMS Validation Code (Req)

Primary Web Addresses:

Website URL (Req)
Explorer URL or Token contract address: (Req)
Announcement Forum Link (Req)
Source Code (Optional)

Coin Specific Information:

Skip this section if you are requesting a token listing
Minting Type (POS/POW/AuxPoW)
Mining Algorithm
Current Circulation
Was there a Premine? If so, how much?

Token Specific Information:

Skip this section if you are requesting a coin listing
Contract Address
Contract Total Supply
Contract Decimals

CMC and Coingecko Listings:

Optional. If you are listed at these places, please provide the url to your coin page Page URL Page URL

Social Media Information:

Optional - but very helpful if you provide
Twitter Handle
Telegram Channel
Reddit subreddit
Youtube Channel
Other (Add any other social media contacts here)

About Your Asset:

Please provide a brief description of your asset. This will be displayed on the coin information page.
Asset "About" description

Requested Markets:

What base markets would you like to be added to?
(We suggest 2 or 3, having many markets will usually NOT increase volume)
 BTC (Bitcoin)
 ETH (Ethereum)
 LTC (Litecoin)
 Doge (Dogecoin)
 USDT (Tether)

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