Listing Request

Welcome to the new asset submission page, the portal for asset developers to connect with Altilly to request asset listings.

Ensure that you meet the listing criteria before submitting your asset. View Listing Policy

  • KYC Verified account at Altilly.
  • Only a core team member of the project can apply for listing.
  • Website dedicated to the asset.
  • Block explorer for the asset.
  • Solid product with real use-case (or planned use-case per white paper).
  • At least 1 social group with user activity. (ie. discord, telegram, slack etc.)
  • Announcement thread. (ie. bitcointalk, medium etc.)
  • The project is no longer ICO phase. 
  • Tokenomics: Proof that at least 60% of the circulating supply has been distributed.

We will start you off in 3 markets only, one of which must be XQR.
If you require additional markets later, we can add them as long as you have volume in the current markets.

Special Offer until the end of September

Pricelist for listing asset on the Altilly Exchange.

QAE-1 Token: FREE of Charge
ERC-20 Token: FREE of Charge
Any other token: 0.10 BTC
Coin: 0.15 BTC

You do not need to pay this fee until after your asset has been approved for listing. We do not profit from listing fees.