Listing Request

Welcome to the new asset submission page, the portal for asset developers to connect with Altilly to request asset listings.

Ensure that you meet the listing criteria before submitting your asset. View Listing Policy

Basic requirements:

- A website dedicated to the asset.
- A block explorer for the asset.
- Transparency on website: Must list a minimum of CEO or highest ranking team member using a verifiable link to linkedIn, Facebook or other public webspace.
- Solid product with real use-case
- Recent Github activity showing that it is a well maintained asset. (If you use Github)
- At least 1 social group (for example, Telegram, Discord, Slack or similar)
- BitcoinTalk or other large forum Announcement
- The project is no longer in ICO phase (We will not list an asset while it is still in ICO)
- Tokenomics: Proof that during the pre-ICO and ICO phases at least 80% of total circulating supply was either sold/distributed to investors (not including project team or project advisors) or burned.
- A verified account at Altilly

The listing fee is $300 payable in XQR (Qredit) (approximately 300,000 XQR at current price). This fee covers the technical integration of your asset.
You do not need to pay this fee until after your asset has been approved for listing.