Ethereum Lite Cash (XLC)

Information about the token Ethereum Lite Cash (Ticker Code: XLC)

Asset Information

Asset Name: Ethereum Lite Cash
Trade Ticker: XLC
Logo Icon:
Asset Type: Token
Subtype: ERC20
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 XLC
Circulation: 10,000,000,000 XLC   (Updated: 2019-02-22 09:55:54)
Market Cap: $142,838 USD
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Average Prices:

altilly XLC (Ethereum Lite Cash) Balance SheetWhat is this?  

Last Updated: 2019-02-22 10:07:19 UTC
Customer Funds on Deposit 764558623.80316138 XLC
Customer Funds Pending Deposit 0.00000000 XLC
Customer Funds Pending Withdrawals 0.00000000 XLC
Total Liabilities 764558623.80316138 XLC
In Deposit Wallet 48438719.21262018 XLC
In Transit Dep-->WD Wallet 0.00000000 XLC
In Withdrawal Wallet 748629986.60329625 XLC
In Safe Storage (0.00%) 0.00000000 XLC
Total Assets 797068705.81591642 XLC
Balance 32510082.01275504 XLC (104.252%)

Liabilities Est. USD Value $10,920.80
Assets Est. USD Value $11,385.17
Balance Est. USD Value $464.37 (104.252%)

Ethereum Lite Cash (XLC) is trading in 3 markets at altilly.

What XLC?

XLC is a token that is made as an exchange currency like a common currency. However, XLC is used to payment tokens, such as payment of online goods or other words, XLC will later be used as mature money to buy goods, By looking at the development of cryptocurrency at this time.

How it's work?

XLC will also take on the role of mature exchange money in the present. XLC will be used to marketplace and used to shop goods digitally.

The XLC function includes

* Crypto digital currency
* Exchange tools in the Marketplace ( Online Shop )

We also target that XLC will later be used as a real exchange tool, that is by using an exchange through QR codes.