Persona (QPSN)

Information about the token Persona (Ticker Code: QPSN)

Asset Information

Asset Name: Persona
Trade Ticker: QPSN
Logo Icon:
Asset Type: Token
Subtype: Qredit QAE
Token Type: QAE
Asset ID: 365c4847175416b5528cab2332f3fa38
Asset Decimals: 8
Circulation: 130,000,000 QPSN  
Market Cap: $19,939 USD
Social Contacts: Twitter   Telegram  
Average Price:

altilly QPSN (Persona) Balance SheetWhat is this?  

Last Updated: 2020-03-31 06:06:14 UTC
Customer Funds on Deposit 108009191.52660200 QPSN
Customer Funds Pending Deposit 0.00000000 QPSN
Customer Funds Pending Withdrawals 0.00000000 QPSN
Total Liabilities 108009191.52660200 QPSN
In Deposit Wallets 1015001.00000000 QPSN
In Transit Dep-->WD Wallet 0.00000000 QPSN
In Withdrawal Wallets 108009191.56660200 QPSN
In Safe Storage (0.00%) 0.00000000 QPSN
Total Assets 109024192.56660201 QPSN
Balance 1015001.04000001 QPSN (100.940%)

Liabilities Est. USD Value $16,566.45
Assets Est. USD Value $16,722.13
Balance Est. USD Value $155.68 (100.940%)

Persona (QPSN) is trading in 3 markets at altilly.

Hello to all Persona users!

We are finally here to announce that Persona with the ticker ‘PRSN’ on the native ark-based blockchain will be swapped for Persona with the new ticker ‘QPSN’ as a token on the Qredit Blockchain.

The swap will be 1:1 and it will take place on the Altilly Exchange in 3 phases for a period of 3 months or until the process has been fully automated.

The new Persona ‘QPSN’ asset has been built as a QAE token on top of the Qredit Blockchain.
Persona will fuel a lot of our projects and the projects connected to QAE and Valkyrie, such as Qredit, Altilly,, Planet4Us and even one of the most exciting upcoming project in the Qredit Ecosystem, the eQrona.