Mithril Token (MITH)

Information about the token Mithril Token (Ticker Code: MITH)

Asset Information

Asset Name: Mithril Token
Trade Ticker: MITH
Logo Icon:
Social Contacts: Twitter   Telegram   Reddit   Facebook   Medium  
Circulation: 313,962,217 MITH
Market Cap: $80,251,663 USD
Avg Price USD: 0.25067
Avg Price BTC: 0.00003847 BTC
Avg Price ETH: 0.00123 ETH
Avg Price LTC: 0.00476 LTC
Mithril Token (MITH) is trading in 5 markets at altilly.

Mithril is a decentralized social media platform on the Ethereum Blockchain. Mithril will integrate into new and existing social media networks to reward content creators for contributions to the network - we call this Social Mining.