Lightyears (LYS)

Information about the token Lightyears (Ticker Code: LYS)

Asset Information

Asset Name: Lightyears
Trade Ticker: LYS
Logo Icon:
Asset Type: Token
Subtype: ERC20
Token Type: ERC20
Asset ID: 0xdD41fBd1Ae95C5D9B198174A28e04Be6b3d1aa27
Asset Decimals: 8
Total Supply: 100,000,000 LYS
Circulation: 100,000,000 LYS   (Updated: 2019-06-18 13:07:03)
Market Cap: $100,500 USD
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Average Price:

altilly LYS (Lightyears) Balance SheetWhat is this?  

Last Updated: 2019-06-18 17:21:02 UTC
Customer Funds on Deposit 185880.63958215 LYS
Customer Funds Pending Deposit 0.00000000 LYS
Customer Funds Pending Withdrawals 0.00000000 LYS
Total Liabilities 185880.63958215 LYS
In Deposit Wallet 2447.30000000 LYS
In Transit Dep-->WD Wallet 5000.00000000 LYS
In Withdrawal Wallet 183492.24065101 LYS
In Safe Storage (0.00%) 0.00000000 LYS
Total Assets 190939.54065101 LYS
Balance 5058.90106886 LYS (102.722%)

Liabilities Est. USD Value $186.81
Assets Est. USD Value $191.89
Balance Est. USD Value $5.08 (102.719%)

Lightyears (LYS) is trading in 10 markets at altilly.

Lightyears Token is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital asset that enables you to easily send and receive assets online even trade with other digital assets on trading exchange. Our blockchain technology that is scalable, secured and interoperates networks.

Use Lightyears Token as a form of rewards utility Token. A functional digital asset to minimize liquidity costs while improving their customer experience. Our main function for Lightyears Token is to replace convention method for purchasing ticket to travel on any airlines around the world. Earn Lightyears token as you travel while cutting down cost for agents and middle man fees.