Merit (LLM)

Information about the token Merit (Ticker Code: LLM)

Asset Information

Asset Name: Merit
Trade Ticker: LLM
Logo Icon:
Asset Type: Token
Token Type: SLP
Asset ID: 527a337f34e04b1974cb8a1edc7ca30b2e444bea111afc122259552243c1dbe3
Asset Decimals: 8
Circulation: 1,000,000 LLM  
Market Cap: $879,697 USD
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Average Price:

altilly LLM (Merit) Balance SheetWhat is this?  

Last Updated: 2019-04-22 04:10:10 UTC
Customer Funds on Deposit 94626.86097101 LLM
Customer Funds Pending Deposit 0.00000000 LLM
Customer Funds Pending Withdrawals 0.02000000 LLM
Total Liabilities 94626.88097101 LLM
In Deposit Wallet 73890.55117800 LLM
In Transit Dep-->WD Wallet 0.00000000 LLM
In Withdrawal Wallet 20737.54979301 LLM
In Safe Storage (0.00%) 0.00000000 LLM
Total Assets 94628.10097101 LLM
Balance 1.22000000 LLM (100.001%)

Liabilities Est. USD Value $83,242.96
Assets Est. USD Value $83,244.03
Balance Est. USD Value $1.07 (100.001%)

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Merit (LLM) is trading in 5 markets at altilly.

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