Dether (DTH)

Information about the token Dether (Ticker Code: DTH)

Asset Information

Asset Name: Dether
Trade Ticker: DTH
Logo Icon:
Social Contacts: Twitter   Telegram   Reddit   Facebook  
Circulation: 83,600,000 DTH
Market Cap: $2,098,981 USD
Avg Price USD: 0.02511
Avg Price BTC: 0.00000397 BTC
Avg Price ETH: 0.00012 ETH
Avg Price LTC: 0.00047 LTC
Dether (DTH) is trading in 3 markets at altilly.

Dether is a decentralized and user friendly mobile app that enables to trade ether for cash. Dether is building a P2P ecosystem of crypto buyers, sellers and physical shops willing to trade ether and tokens for fiat currency without any middleman.