Trade Engine

Our trade engine is developed using top level programming languages and cutting-edge technologies to provide a fast and reliable real-time interface.

Low Fees

At just 0.12% per trade for 'taker' orders, we have some of the lowest trading fees in the industry. Market 'maker' orders have ZERO FEES. More Info


We've developed easy to use REST and Websocket API's for developers to use in their external applications that allow for instant notifications and fast execution.

Secured Platform

2FA Authentication is available and we are constantly improving our security and encryption techniques to keep your information and crypto tokens safe.


Our system status page shows you exactly what is going on with our system. We also provide balance sheets and signature files for each asset.

Fast Deposits

Our system can detect an incoming transaction as soon as it hits the network. Once you get the required number of confirmations, your deposit immediately posts.

Withdraw Fees

Our withdrawal fees are based on what it actually costs to send transactions on the network. We adjust these fees from time to time depending on average network fee.

Fast Registration

To create an account you only need to provide the minimal details, such as your email, name, and username. All accounts start with no pre-set limits.

Statistics for the last 24 hours

Total USD₮ Volume

0.72 USD₮

22 Trades
31 Markets

Total BTC Volume

0.00 BTC

2 Trades
45 Markets

Total ETH Volume

0.17 ETH

12 Trades
48 Markets

Total LTC Volume

0.02 LTC

20 Trades
24 Markets